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dreams ecotic

Well stuff happens quickly and i dont know what to think of it. The main one being me who has been girlfriendless all his life now has one. Shes really cool and nice and we have a lot in common. Im just not sure how it will go. Well i'll see. Also my dad is in town with my two brothers so i'll be hanging with them during the weekend. My uncle pauls relatives are coming in to so theres gonna be a big beach party so i'll get to chill with my little cuz's and hang at the beach. Life is interesting one way or less... being that i feel i should be there yet im here and will be there just not now but later though the reactions i'll get im not sure. Stuff happens that i think shouldnt but there is a reason if you think there isnt. Sometimes it takes that moment to find out why though it may not come together. Yeah speed freaks baby rocket dive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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